Thursday, September 09, 2004

Can't Wait Until Summer's Over!

Between a trip to Eugene to help with the moving last week, an estate sale that I am preparing with Matt's sister, and trying to keep up on all the produce coming from my garden, I have been way too busy. Life is too short to get caught up in the details! But I finally have a day to myself today to try to gain some peace of mind and get some laundry folded and leave a message for my family. :)

I enjoyed my time in Eugene, and even had the privelege of setting up Mama's teacup cupboard- finally she has a place to display her treasures and they look beautiful!

The estate sale, I was surprised to find, is in the same complex where Kimmie and Andy live- just across the street and up a little. So I have popped in for an unannounced visit and twice caught Kimmie in her unmentionables! She was kind enough to feed me a sandwich yesterday despite my bad manners.

I already have 10 jars of beans canned and in the pantry. After yesterday's endeavors, I now have 18 more jars cold packed and ready to be processed this morning. It is so rewarding to know that our labors truly do help with the grocery bills!

Okay, that is enough for now. Sorry about the missing photo background. I am having difficulties with my hosting software apparently. I will work on it at some future time so we can once again see all our glowing faces in one place.

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