Sunday, September 12, 2004

Notes and News

Good to hear from you via blog and phone . . . we continue being busy. Mama divides her time between unpacking boxes at home, helping empty grandma's house, and various other projects such as helping with school decor. Both Roseburg and Eugene houses move closer to closing - both could closed around the 20th. Looks like I will be in Roseburg some - next weekend mama and I will probably go down to see what all needs to be done before closing plus help Tim process his needed move, then the next two weekends I will be doing the McMahan's fall parking lot sale (a friend will do the weekday part). It will keep me busy and out of trouble a while longer! Yesterday I took Tim to Washington - his dear little Honda steamed up on him and ended up needing nearly $2000 worth of repairs. He was advised by the trusted mechanic that it might not be worth it to put that much money into the car, so I remembered that Jeff (my brother) had an extra car. After several calls, it was decided that Tim would get Jeff's car, a 1993 Chev. Prizm. It looks quite similar in color and style to the one mama and I have and seems to run well. We're not sure what will become of the Honda yet.

In case you haven't gotten it yet - our new home phone is 541-998-8477

I'd best go - lots to do this afternoon yet! God bless to all . . .

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