Saturday, December 04, 2004

A Weekend in December

Last evening Mama and I went to a dessert theater in Springfield in which Christi was the leading lady of a comedy (Doc's Holiday) - it was enjoyable. Bruce, Kris, and family + Gary, Anne, and Mike + Grandma were also there. This morning we found a Christmas tree and hope to have it in tomorrow afternoon. This evening our home group is having a Christmas get together. Next week is a school staff progressive dessert on Tuesday, Friday evening a school/church staff celebration at our pastor's home, and Saturday a practice plus dinner for the church choir. And so it goes this time of year . . . I also have about 50 videos and a dozen or so DVD's to get listed on ebay (if you see any you want, you can get free shipping! Check out hiskidman on ebay to see what's up - I'm hoping to get them listed in the next few days).

Kinda interesting how Tim is getting caught up with double posting!

Hope you all are having a good weekend! God bless, Dad

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