Friday, December 10, 2004

Love from home

It has been too long since I’ve said anything here. So today I’m back! My hurt finger is better now, so it doesn’t hurt so much to type. It’s still weak, and it still gives me sharp pains when I move it the wrong way – like yesterday when I forgot and tried to snap my fingers – Oooooh! That hurt!!

Can you believe Christmas is so close? Two weeks from yesterday you’ll all be here for our Christmas and fondue (except for Danny and Betsy, who will be here in my heart anyway. We’ll sure miss you two!) Then two weeks from today the whole Kjosness clan will be here at our house, too. I’m looking forward to it all. I’ve been busily decorating throughout the house and am planning for food, etc.

Last evening Daddy and I were talking and heard a vehicle spinning it’s wheels and went out to see a pick-up trying to pull a van or something out of the park. It seems that the van had been driving across the lawn there and because of the recent rain, it got stuck. The police came and then let the guy’s friend with a 4-wheel-drive pick-up try to pull him out. That was a big mistake, because they made a huge mess of the park lawn. I talked to a park employee this morning, and he’s been working all day on trying to fix the mess. He wasn’t happy with the way the policeman handled it. They picked the mushiest area of the park to do the pulling through. They should have gone back the way they came instead of chewing up new ground. Sometimes trying to fix our mistakes makes a bigger problem than the original ‘mistake’…. I’m sure glad God can clean up our messes when we bring them to Him.

Tonight we have a church staff party to go to, and are supposed to bring an ornament for exchange. They say we’re going to pray over the ornaments and the homes they will be going to.

I need to get on with wrapping, decorating, etc. and need to figure out what we’ll eat tonight. We cleaned up the left-overs last night, so I have to start new tonight….

I love you all.

May the Reason for the Season fill your hearts with Joy!!

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