Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cookies Anyone?

Today I went to a ‘cookie exchange’ – something I’ve heard of before but never attended. Everyone was to bring at least 3 dozen homemade cookies and then take as many as they brought in different cookies. There were 15 or 20 ladies there and that many different kinds of cookies. I took 2 ½ dozen of one kind of cookie (thumbprints), and 4 dozen of another kind (almond glazed sugar cookies), so I came back with 6 ½ dozen assorted cookies. Of course we did more than trade cookies, too. We nibbled a few cookies, drank cider or coffee, sat and visited and got to know more about each other. The hostess had prizes for a few people (the one who brought the cookies made from the oldest recipe, the one who had been married the shortest time, the one who has the next birthday). I didn’t get any of those. But she also makes really nice decorations, etc., and had a tree there that we were each to take an ornament from. So I got a cute tree ornament, too. It was a fun time. And now I have cookies!! Yummy cookies…. But they’re for Santa…. But you may have one (maybe…. If there are any left when you arrive! ‘Sorry, Danny and Betsy. I’m sure they’ll be gone before you get here!)
Tonight is home group, and we’re having a potluck dinner. I’m taking carrot casserole.
Tomorrow Daddy’s class is having a party here in the afternoon. That should be fun (I hope). That’s after I help at the school in the morning helping kids get into costume for dress rehearsal. The play is tomorrow night, and your Daddy is going to be the grandpa. He sits in a chair with a lot of kids around him, and reads to them. (When I was at the school this morning they were in the hall getting ready to go in for practice, and Daddy told the kids around him, “Oh, look. Here comes Grandma!” One of them said, “Hi, Grandma!”
So see! I AM a grandma!!
Tomorrow is also the last day of school this year. Christmas is just around the corner! ‘Don’t know what we’re doing for our anniversary. We had plans to go to the coast that day with the Perrys, but he has to work out of town, so we’ll have to figure out something else.
Hey, is anyone out there reading this? We haven’t heard from any of you for awhile.
Say something, please!
Love you!

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