Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What's up?

Hi all of you! Christmas was good! I loved having all of you here -- including Danny and Betsy via the internet. It wasn't the same as having you here in person, but at least we got to see and talk to you. I'm so glad we have that option now.

We spent christmas day with Grandma at her house. Jean and Lisa were there, too for dinner. Later Dave and his Lisa, and then Kris and her family came (they had been at Bruce's sister's). Paul got there just a little before we left to come home and watch a movie.

Since everyone has gone back home, Daddy and I have been busy getting things done around here. Daddy has built me storage shelves in a couple of places, and has gotten his shop and garage more organized.

Today the Semraus are coming to dinner at our house and we'll all go to a movie together. Tomorrow we plan to go visit Grandma Borovec and spend a night, and the next night we're thinking of being with Beth and Matt and the group they are going to have in their home for NYE. (We'll talk to you about that soon, Beth).

Next Tuesday Barby is arriving and I'll pick her up at the airport and after we've spent some time together here, I'll take her to Roseburg. So you see, we're keeping busy.

Right now I need to go cut Daddy's hair....

What's up with all of you now?

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