Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I've been pondering this Christmas gift thing for awhile, with little success. I suppose there are some 'things' that would 'make my day', such as:

the Coming of Jesus!!! Wow! That would be fantastically fantastic!!

the total healing of Holly! No 'thing' could compare to that!

a visit from my 'kids' - Hey, you could give mom and I a combined gift!

But down to the ordinary - I have three books I'd like, and used books are fine -
- Fifth Seal (A.D. Chronicles, #5) by Bodie Thoene
- The Temptation (Mustard Seed Series #3), Nancy Moser
- Legends of the Guardian-King (4 books), by Karen Hancock
A new belt would be nice
NEW idea! An indoor/outdoor thermometer + perhaps rain guage? Don't need
clock, though it's OK. has some ideas
I have plenty of clothes - items from 20 years ago still work for me
I have lots of ties - perhaps I'll pass a few on - beware of what you open!
I like gadgets (at least for a few days before I lose interest). Been thinking about one of those LED flashlights with lots of LED's . . .
I like DVD's that I can trade in for other DVD's if I want to . . .

Most of all I like you, my family, who make me proud. Few dads not only survive marriage to one sweety, but also have great kids who love Jesus and seek to live like it. I am greatly blessed and look forward to being together with you for whatever time works out this holiday season. And some fun internet video times with you special and missed ones in Singapore!

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