Thursday, October 14, 2004

Life is Good!

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile since anybody added anything here. ‘Guess it’s my turn to speak up, huh? Today I got to stay home and work on getting more things settled here. I loved it! I dug into the garage first and moved a few items of furniture into the house, put some things by the stairs to go up into the attic, and started a garage sale box. Then I had to do some work in my bedroom – putting away some of the things I had brought in. At 2:30 I went out into the glorious sunshine and walked over to the school – just for the fun of it! I hung around with my honey for awhile, then rode with him to a local bank (we’re considering moving our banking to a bank here instead of having to go into Eugene to make deposits, etc. But there are no credit unions here, and we don’t like the bank policies, so I guess we’ll stay at the Eugene credit union for now. I go into Eugene a couple of times a week anyway to spend time with my mom, so I can do the banking then.)

When we got home, your dad helped me move the old radio into the living room, then we worked on collecting limbs that he had cut off our tree yesterday. He’ll have to make a trip to the recycle center in Eugene tomorrow to get rid of it. We’ll have a van full! He also has a full garbage can of grass from mowing the lawn.

After a dinner of soup (which was NOT the best soup I’ve ever made!) I sat in the den (on our new Futon) and flipped channels while he played with the antenna to see where we get the best reception. We now have two antennae, and get about 18 channels. Several of those are duplicates, so we’ll be eliminating the weaker ones when we have the time for that.

Tonight I cut up pears to dry and have them in the food dryer now. And now I’m thinking of all of you. I pray for you always – was praying for Joann this morning at 8:45 when she was supposed to be at the dentist having an extraction done. I hope that wasn’t too terrible for her! I pray for all of you for God’s protection, provision, wisdom, blessing and joy in your lives.

Tomorrow I plan to go shopping with Grandma and Aunt Kris. Grandma has been babysitting Isabella 4 days a week – Monday through Thursday. It’s been a good diversion for her, I think, but it gets to be a bit much for her to be alone all day with her. So on the days that Kris is working, I try to go in for awhile to help. Of course I love getting that opportunity, too. Isabella is a sweet and very cute baby. It’s fun. I wouldn’t want to do it every day, though.

Yesterday I had 3 lady friends from church come have lunch with me. We had Chicken Salad Honolulu, and they all loved it. After we ate, one of them was talking about how someone had asked her if she ever thought of dying her hair. She’s about my age, but has gray hair. So we got my blonde wig out and put it on her. It was the same length as her hair, and she styled it like her own hair, then went back to work at the church office. The rest of us went along to see people’s reactions. It was quite funny!

Now you know what I’ve been doing lately. How about all of you? What do you do with your days?

I love you all. Mama

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