Sunday, October 24, 2004

Junction City Happenings . . .

It's been awhile since my last post, so thought I'd add what I've been up to . . . let's see - lots of projects to do, a few done. On the done side - attic fans properly exhausted so insulation can be added, hole cut in concrete footing wall for adding natural gas heating to the house (I'm doing some of the prep work to save money - the contractor comes Nov. 9th to start the job, then attic insulation on Nov. 19th, unless I decide to do that myself with some help), cleaned up garage with mama's help so that 'Jewel' now fits, put up extra TV antannae to improve reception, trimmed tree and chopped up branches and took to recylce center, put in a bathroom vent fan, put mirror over the mantle, measured for piping to natural gas furnace and water heater, and installed futon in 'den'. To do list is longer and growing - but it's sort of fun doing these things and it keeps me out of trouble. My brother Jeff and grandma B. are coming Friday - Jeff is helping do some of the prep work before the heating contractor arrives. They go home Saturday.

My class at school is going well - we went to a pumpkin patch last Friday - had a damp hay ride, watched a catapult throw a pumpkin, paraded through the pumpkin patch, chose a pumpkin and some gourds to take home, and explored the 'hayflower' - an outline of the actual size of the Mayflower made with bales of straw, including a center area built up to represent the inside part of the ship - makes one appreciate the tight quarters the Pilgrims had to spend over two months enduring. This coming Saturday is the Harvest Party.

Mama's trying to put together a family get-together for her sisters and brother at our place before Thanksgiving. I'll try to let you know when/if it works out so you can join us if schedule allows.

Tim doesn't have consistent internet use, so will update what I know about him - he is currently homeless, staying with a friend until an apartment opens up. It appears he will be in a studio apartment next door to Jaden Hurtienne. Due to Jaden's current reputation, that could be a challenge for Tim, but he's hoping it will work out OK.

Time for church so I'd best go for now. We are and will be praying about the job possibilities, Andy - such as the UPS one on Wednesday. I've heard they are a fairly good place to work as far as pay and benefits are concerned. Marie once worked for them for a short time.

God bless to all!!!!

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