Monday, November 29, 2004

back again

well, i've finally found my way back to the blog. i guess i was just using the wrong user name or something...
for an update, i'm in my own apartment now. i moved in about 2 weeks ago. so far i haven't had any troubles with the neighbors, so i guess it won't be as uncomfortable as i thought.
i'm down to the last week before finals, which means all the projects and papers that i've been ignoring are sleep for the procrastinator!
mcdonald's is good, no real news on that front.
heather and i are getting along famously, but no news there either...
oh! i am michael, the archangel, in the children's musical at new life this year...vastly exciting...
i've also been attending covenant life fellowship, which is pastored by dave york, for those of you who know him. i am learning a lot there, and i am also involved in 2 Bible study-type groups through the church.
well, i need to get back to my homework, so i will continue this later.
love to all
7-of-10 (timmy)

Heather says Hi!

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