Sunday, January 09, 2005

Love to all!

'Just wanted to tell you I love you! Does anyone check this site anymore? I know Beth and Danny do sometimes. It's disappointing to not have any more posts here.... Just a hi once in awhile would be nice. Hi Ya

Last night Timmy and Heather were here. Timmy and Danny played games on the internet and talked via webcam, etc. Timmy says he was up til 4 AM, but Danny would probably tell you it was only 8 PM.

This morning Timmy and Heather joined us for breakfast at IHOP with Barby Keating and her new fiance, Pat Green. They were on their way to Spokane where she will help him get his things together, and in two weeks they will move him to L.A. They will be getting married around March 12. (I probably won't be able to go to the wedding because my brother Dave will probably be getting married on the 11th. I should call him to find out for sure the date....)
Anyway, Pat seems like a really good guy for Barby. I'm very happy for her!

Timmy and Heather went shopping after breakfast and then were going to take in a movie before they go back to Roseburg. We, on the other hand, went to church (a bit late).

'Hope you're all having a good day. I love you!

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