Friday, January 14, 2005

An update...

Well, the job search has resumed. I sent an application to The Home Depot and sent my resume to a Florida company that sets equipment up in peoples' homes to do the viewership ratings for the Neilsen folk. They have branches all over the US. The only difficulty if hired is 10 weeks of training in Florida, without Kim. Still, she is welcome to visit me whenever she wants. :-) Will keep y'all posted on that job stuff.

Kim is subbing today, and we will be going to the Friday Friends group from Northridge tonight. To pass some of the alonely time here I have been building a city on the computer with Sim City 3000. I named it Kimerica. I think Kim feels honored.

For Beth. I noticed that on some other Blogger pages there is a "button" I can click on to go right to the publish posts screens. I don't know which one to use when I come directly to the Whittaker page from my IE Favorites list. Is there such a "button" already, or can you add one? Any info/help on this would be especially grandy.

To All. Right now, I am very cheeseburger hungry. That is not good. Wish me luck. :-)

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