Thursday, January 13, 2005

News from Joann's "other site":

Since Joann hasn't been able to get into the blogsite, I decided to enter her last comments from her "other site" -- partly to see if it can be done, and partly to let those of you who have forsaken our family site for other sites of your own, that you can easily write in the one and paste it into this site, too. That way you can have the fun of your other site, and WE can have the joy of more often hearing from you here....

Joann says:
I've decided to add a new and exciting portion to my entries called "Things I learned in school today." But the information I'm adding today is actually from the reading I did last night for my theatre history class:
Tragedy comes from the Greek word which translates to "goat song." The reason it was called this is because all of the choruses would compete to win a goat, or the chorus would dance around the goat and then sacrifice it.

In other news, my first real intermediate photography class meets tonight and I'm so excited. Our first assignment has something to do with "spy photography" (taking pictures without the subject realizing it) and then the pictures are going to be used in some kind of slide show during a symphony performance in Portland!

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