Sunday, January 16, 2005

Package to Singapore

The package to Danny and Betsy did arrive! Due to a misunderstanding of the Sinaporian postal system, etc. it actually arrived earlier in December and was in the post office waiting pickup - but it was a different post office than normal. Once Danny figured out the situation, he was able to get the package transferred to the closer PO for pickup. So on Friday evening (our time), Danny surprised Betsy with the package opening ceremony while we watched via webcam. It appeared the cookies were still OK and not crumbled, and all items survived the trip and wait.

Our longtime friend, Twila Poe Cowden, was here this weekend. She gets free flying due to a daughter working for the airlines, so she came in Saturday AM and just left this Sunday early afternoon. She could be flying past a few of you in the Portland area about now! Was good to see her.

I'm doing a concession stand at school on Saturdays for the local youth basketball league - we earn some money for the class.

In case you haven't been following the 'saga', I have Joann's broken laptop for sale on ebay. I tried to liven up the ad a bit in hopes the guy who paid multi-thousands for a Texas snowball might like to bid . . . anyway, the item is getting lots of 'hits' - over 330 lookers so far, plus a bid of $71 for a non - starting computer. I had hoped for $50 or more, so this is a good start. I added an extra ad pointing to it and even got a $9.50 bid on the 'pointer' ad! I promised a card of 'extreme thanks' for any desperate enough for mail to bid on the pointer ad. Not sure if the bidder misunderstood or was really desperate! You can follow all the exciting bidding action by going to ebay, click on search, enter my seller name of hiskidman after going to the seller search, and you should be at my few sales.

Hope you all have a great week! God bless! Dad

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