Monday, April 26, 2004

Eight Days...

I concur about the pear desires, Bethy. MMMmmmm...I like pears, not as much as Mama's rhubarb pie though.

I'm on my way to visit Danny and Betsy today for a few hours - if I can figure out how to get there. I just realized that they didn't give me directions and I don't have their phone number!

Today is "dead day" at Fox, which means the day that i work and study and go to a meeting about checking out. So much to be done by Saturday at 9am (my checkout time). Best thing about today: will either be the feeling after I've cleaned my room, or the drive to Lebanon and dinner with a small portion of my family. Worst thing about today: will probably be the fact that there aren't 40 hours in a day:)

Oh...and eight days 'til I fly out::)) (double smiley face)

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