Friday, April 30, 2004

Good Day in Winston

What a beautiful day we had for traveling to Winston! We had a good time, too. Grandma enjoyed visiting Aunt Myrtie, and vice versa. Aunt M isn't doing very well. Her back bothers her a lot, and she is very lonely down there all by herself. She sees her son Melvin once in awhile, but she isn't driving anywhere except to the post office or store in winston. If she needs to go to Roseburg for something, Melvin or his wife go and get her, but they do the trip and then take her back home and leave her alone again. We feel really sorry for her. But she won't consider moving to Eugene. I really don't know how much longer she can live alone there.

We saw lots of people we knew from the school, and that was nice, and we had lunch at the Winston park which brought back lots of memories of last days of summer when your Daddy was setting up his classroom and we'd go to help and play at the park for awhile, etc. It was pleasantly warm and Daddy had fun playing soccer with the kids. It was nice to have the two classes mingling and getting to know each other.

Tomorrow we go take some furniture to Joann for her new apartment. She's been sick. Hopefully she's feeling better now. She leaves Tuesday for Europe.

Love you all!

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