Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Hi all! Isn't this fun? I hope everybody can get it figured out (especially me), so that we can 'talk' once in awhile even when nobody else is around, or its too late at night to call anyone, etc. -- like now. It's actually time for sleep. Tomorrow will be busy for me getting cake things together for doing the wedding cake on Friday, deciding what to wear to the wedding and getting things packed, going to the storage unit to find my cake frosting knife, etc. Oh, how I wish everything was in one place - namely my own place!

Uncle Dave is coming to the wedding! Pray for him. It will be hard, but I think its good. He needs to be with people who care for him instead of isolating himself from his family.

I pray for all of you every day. May you have sweet dreams tonight, and a good day tomorrow. I plan to see you all on Saturday. I'm glad you'll be there.

And for you girls, happy shower! 'Wish I could be there, too!

Love you! Marmie

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