Saturday, June 26, 2004

Home Again....

I just got back from my week-end in Hillsboro helping with Annie's wedding. It all went well, but it wasn't fun! I drove our car, and Jenny came up and went with me. We got lost so many times that I never want to see Hillsboro again!! Every time we went anywhere we got lost unless we were following someone who knew what they were doing. I don't know if it was bad maps or if Jenny was reading the instructions wrong or what. It was very frustrating!! Besides that, it was lots of work. They put us up at the Red Lion for two nights, which was nice, and I loved spending time with Jenny. Friday was good with Cheryl, too. She had made the cakes, and I frosted them. Then she put on Fondant icing, which went surprisingly well, and didn't taste too badly. It was the third recipe she had tried (she's been working on perfecting the technique for weeks -- ever since I told her that I had never done it and really didn't want to try it). I'll try to get the recipe. You'll have to ask Kim about it, Beth. She said it was even good! She came today to the reception to help me cut cake (she had to work before that, so couldn't make it to the wedding). As I said, it was lots of work, I'm tired, and SO GLAD it's over!!

I missed the Woolley Family reunion, which was today. I got back here at 7:30, and nobody is here yet, though I see Kathy's car and Timmy's car here. It's 8:30 now, and I expect it won't be much longer before they come back. I hope they had a good day.

I think I will start looking for houses this week. I'll call the realtor and see if she can find anything for me to look at. I'm so ready!

I love you all and hope you've had a good week-end.


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