Sunday, June 13, 2004

Ma and Pa in Roseburg . . .

We spent Friday through Sunday AM in Roseburg, mainly working on our house situation and visiting friends. It appears we will list the house with the same agent we bought it through 18 or so years ago. We talked to two agents and both did a bit of research as did I and we all came up with about the same price - it is quite a bit higher than we would have gotten from the people in the house at present, so that's good. The housing market is moving very fast at present, with houses selling quickly. We are probably going to list ours a bit on the high side to see if the market will go for it - if not, we'll reduce the price. I plan to go down again later this week to do some minor repairs and get the house listed.

We also visited New Life for church this morning - good to see lots of friends! We brought Barb Keating back with us - she will be here until Tuesday morning when she flies back to L.A. We also saw Tim and were glad to see his room looking a bit better since there could be potential buyers looking this week!

Look forward to seeing you all at times this summer! God Bless

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