Wednesday, June 02, 2004


I'm in love! Paris was amaying (zes, i'm in swityerland again) even though (perhaps because of) the rain. Liy and I are at the Yurich airport waiting until 11am (2am zour time) to get on our plane heading home. Hooraz! It's the most amaying airport I've ever seen! There's a whole mall attached to it and it onlz takes about 13 minutes and 5.5 francs (4 dollars) to ride to downtown Yurich where Liy and I will probablz go to watch a movie or two since we have about 16 hours to kill (don't worrz it's a much nicer airport to sleep in then the last one we slept in, there's even a place to lock zour luggage up so zou don't have to carrz it with zou!).
I'm excited to be coming home soon and I would love some of zour VHS videos, Mama and Daddz...particularlz Ever After. This is verz expensive internet, so I'm going to sign off and go find Liy and see zou all in a couple of dazs!

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