Saturday, June 19, 2004


I'm sitting on my lunch break at the Underground with five minutes left...I opened this morning and got the joy of opening the store all by myself! It was so much fun! Until my boss came in at 7 and stood over my shoulder all morning...I guess that's what I get for being new here, eh? I'm looking forward to monday seeing the family, well at least part of it, and playing frisbee's been years for me.

I have the 16th of July free for family beach day and then I leave for my last year at Camp Crestview the next day and am there for 6 days (this is New Life's last year at Crestview). And then the end of August I'm heading to Wildhorse Canyon for counseling at another New Life high school's out towards Bend...I'm super excited, but I just found out that going will mean missing the first two days of school. :).

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