Saturday, August 28, 2004

Good News! (maybe, hopefully, sort of . . .)

We have an offer on the Roseburg house (sorry, Tim, but you may not have the house to yourself for long . . . ). It seems to be a good offer that we will probably accept unless something changes our mind. Mama and I know the lady from the couple who made the offer - she was head of the Roseburg foster care program when we had Ricky. They want the house as an investment - would use it as a rental. Mama and I will go to Roseburg Sunday afternoon to talk to our agent about the offer details and decide whether to accept or counter. No news about grandmas house except it will be put on the regular multiple listing this week - it has been basically a by-owner with agent assist up until now. Probably several agents and lookers will come by next week.

Our new house has much of our 'stuff' in the garage and shop area. The storage unit is empty, the new 'den' has been painted, the carpets shampooed, the bugs bombed - now a bit of cabinet clean-up and cabinets can be 'loaded'. We may be moving next Friday/Saturday, moving grandma to Kris's (pray for her - that will be a tough one for her, leaving this house) and moving us to Junction City. We hope to have Bruce and Dave and families helping - perhaps a few others if we ask for more.

Time to go - God bless you all and thanks to God for moving the situation along in Roseburg!

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