Saturday, August 07, 2004


Before getting to the housing news, a bit about calling Danny . . . we worked through a couple of 'bugs' before finally getting through. We bought a $20 + $2 processing fee card with 667 minutes - it's the last of four on Danny's link to phone card sites. We chose it because of no maintenance fees and other better side issues. If you get one, you call an 800 number, then add your pin, then dial 011-65-6274-9387 (this is a change from the number Danny put on the blog - one digit was wrong on the blog).

I'm thinking of becoming a real estate salesman! Not really, but with three deals going, it gets interesting! We received good news on the Junction City house - both the main loan and the 'bridge' loan have gone through. Just need an OK appraisal on the Roseburg place and all is go - that should be done in the next 10 days. After that, we should get a better idea of a closing date and move time.

As far as the Roseburg house is concerned, it is being shown a few times this weekend plus the renters know someone who has looked at the house and may be interested - would be nice to get the right person to see and want it soon . . . our renters will be moving in mid-September, so a buyer would be nice so it isn't empty and draining our resources.

We just listed the Eugene house this morning - it is a partial listing where the agent will help do a deal, but it is not on multiple listing yet. If we can sell it without full agent pricing, we save mom about $8,000. If no quick deals, we will go to full pricing.

Guess that's about all for now. Hope to have some good news about the housing situations soon. We'd love to show off the new place if you come down - we took some friends plus Tim and mom to see it this weekend.

God bless to all!

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