Sunday, August 22, 2004

Moving Right Along!!

August 21, 2004

Today (Saturday) Daddy went to the school to help paint in the morning. Grandma and I went to Kris and Bruce’s and worked on getting Grandma’s rooms ready. Dave was there, too, and helped Bruce moved all the remaining furniture to the upstairs, the garage and/or the living room. Then Jim arrived and Dave left. Bruce and Jim took the carpet out of the bedroom, and then we all started working on taking off the wallpaper. It was a real chore since there were two layers of paper and the bottom layer was adhered so well to the wall that it took hours to get it off. But finally the walls were clear. The next step is that Kris and Bruce will wash all the walls and then get someone to come tape the corners in the bedroom (seems it was never done), and maybe texture in the family room since the top is textured, but the bottom of the walls are not textured. Then Grandma and Kris will have to go pick out paint so that can be done. Next Monday the carpet is supposed to be installed, and then it will be ready for Grandma to move in….

THEN we can move ourselves to Junction City! As far as that goes, we’re hoping to sign papers and get the deal closed on Monday so we can start unloading the storage unit (into the garage until the house is ready for everything), get in and wash cupboards and maybe get the carpets shampooed before we move everything into the house. We’re not sure if shampooing is necessary, but when we see it again without anything in the house, we’ll be able to tell. It would certainly be easier to do it before we put the furniture in.

I look forward to seeing most of you soon. I love you! Mama

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