Monday, August 16, 2004


The appraisal of the Roseburg house went well ($140,000), so my loan official said all looks good, that he would know for sure if the loans pass the second approval tomorrow, and that closing would probably be next Wednesday or Thursday (August 25th). Since that doesn't leave us much time for moving before school starts on Monday the 30th, I'm hoping they will let us start moving boxes, etc. into the garage by this Friday - I will know more by Wednesday.

We had at least two very interested couples come to the open house. One couple came both days and the second day were measuring, etc. to see if they could make the house work to their desires. We're hoping to hear of an offer today - the couple who did measuring had already sold their home, so could be good buyers. Mama and I will talk about the Roseburg house and may adjust the price to reflect the appraisal - we'll work that out later today.

Hope all is well - we've been thinking of you, Danny, as you start school. Will try to call at an appropriate time soon to hear about it.


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