Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More News from Eugene

It's been a busy week! I went to my first day of school on Monday and came home to news that grandma and mama had signed a deal for sale of grandma's house. It appears to be an OK deal that is scheduled to close Sept. 21, though that is rather fast. We plan to move the big items for both grandma and ourselves this Friday/Saturday, then have a few weeks to deal with the smaller items and clean up the place. The buyers are a young couple with three children, about age 14, 5, and 2. There may be some items available after grandma and her 'kids' have a chance at what's left - we'll try to keep you informed. Our offer in Roseburg is moving along OK also.

Day one at school went well. I have 16 in my 5th/6th class so far, with at least two more possible. Preparations are going well so far.

God bless you all!

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