Sunday, August 08, 2004


I love the picture, Beth! I didn’t take any group pictures, and would love a copy if you would email it to me.

(This is my second time to write this. I had a nice long message done and lost it! I hate it when that happens!!)

For all of you, check out to see Grandma’s house that just got listed today. Some of the pictures aren’t very good. I emailed some better ones that I took to the realtor today. I think she will change some of them.

So, as you can see, life goes on. I’m trying to get the clutter around here to a minimum since the house is on the internet, and people could be wanting to see it as soon as tomorrow. There was an article in The Register Guard today (8-8-04) called, “Seller’s market Sizzles” about the housing market in Lane county. (You can probably access it if you want to). It’s interesting and encouraging, though the realtor told us it was sensationalized. Things are happening, but its not always like they said. We’ll see what happens on this place.

We could be moving in two weeks if things go as our banker tells us they might. So the focus now is getting things packed and ready to go. At least that is one of the focuses for this week. The other one is helping Kris get her place ready for Grandma. If we move in two weeks, she will too. Today Kris, Grandma and I went looking for carpet and paint. Kris and Bruce have moved a lot of their things out of the family room and the bedroom for Grandma, but there are lots of things to accomplish if the floors and walls are to be done before she moves in (which is the plan).

Grandma has mixed emotions about the whole process. She hates to leave this place, but knows that staying here alone isn’t an option (for several reasons). She doesn’t begrudge us the opportunity to have a place of our own, but isn’t excited about it. I’m trying to be sensitive to her feelings and am not showing my excitement about our new house. But I AM excited! After living here for a whole year (we moved in August 15 last year) it’s going to be so nice to have our own place and our things! It’s also going to be so nice to have a place big enough that all of you can visit at the same time!! Hopefully it will feel like home to all of you, too. (I have to admit, though that it’s also hard for me to leave this place knowing that it will be sold. There is still something of my Daddy here, you know.)

I love you all!

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