Sunday, August 15, 2004

So Tired!

Saturday the 14th started out at 3am for me. We had loaded everything Friday night, but still had to get up, pack a lunch, and be in Aurora by 5am for dealer registration. It was a long, HOT day selling antiques with Jen (Matt's sister), and Lori (a friend). We had fun with each other, but unfortunately, the shoppers this year were what we call "tag flippers". In other words, there were lots of people looking, but very few buying. All told, I only profited around $250 after countless hours of preparation, and an 18 hour day. I think I would have much preferred to spend that time in Junction City for Norwegian Day! But at least now my focus can turn to other things, like mowing the lawn and catching up on laundry. Hopefully soon I will be travelling to Eugene to help with the big move!

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