Monday, August 02, 2004

Happy Birthday, Danny!!

We tried to call you today, but I guess your phone isn't hooked up yet. Maybe tomorrow? Anyway, at the time I'm writing this, we haven't seen August 3 yet, but you are already half-way through it. You know since you were born in the States, you really shouldn't celebrate your birthday there until August 4 anyway! That's when we'll be celebrating it.

To all of you... Daddy and I will be going to the coast with Kris and her kids and Grandma tomorrow. It's a good way to get Grandma doing something else on that day. It could be a hard one for her.

Things seem to be progressing on the house front. 'Nothing new in Roseburg, but paperwork being signed on the Junction City house, though we're still waiting for final approval of our financing. We have a realtor working on things here in Eugene, too, but are waiting to see if my cousin, Sheri will be able to buy it before we actually list it. We told her we need to know by the end of the week. So if they can't do it, it will be listed next week.

Lots of Love to all of you!! Your Mama

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