Monday, July 12, 2004


10am sounds glorious...leaving Newberg 8 to 8:30ish...mmmmm...that means sleeping in three whole hours more than normal! Woot! Joann's my name, cookie's my game - question...if i'm making cookies do i need to bring graham crackers and chocolate as well? or will we just smoosh the roasted mallows in the cookies?

also, dinner is fine wherever for me, as long as i don't have to spend over $5 on my meal...and everyone had better bring a warm change of clothes because it's high time we returned to our childhood adventures waist deep in the good ol' Pacific Ocean!

and, kimmie and andy...if you are so inclined and the day gets done earlz enough (anzone else who wants is also welcome) the drive-in theatre in newberg is showing some awesome movies on fridaz night...

can't wait for our rendevous

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