Friday, July 23, 2004

Frisbee golf on a hot day

This is for the frisbee golf lovers in the family - I went out to the local course about noon today.  On my second time around the course, I threw five discs then chose the best one to finish with.  After 8 holes I had an even par (24) with one to go.  The first four throws on the last hole were good - two within about 30 feet of the basket.  The last throw, using my putter, hit the base of the basket and stayed under it!  I was feeling really good to get a 26 - then as I was walking away to the car, one of the two guys following me hit a hole in one on the hole I'd just finished!  He was really excited - yelling, etc.  Guess I can't blame him.  So I went home and took a cool shower to deal with the heat - it was about 103 degrees today in Eugene.  God bless to all!

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