Thursday, July 29, 2004


i'm in! i finally made it! i kept getting bad invitations, but beth and i worked it out and now i'm IN!

let's see here...what do i write? well, there's not too much new for me, except my two-and-a-half week vacation, which has started beautifully! i left the house on tuesday morning, stopped at the parents for a few hours, and spent the night at joann's new apartment. yesterday, i got some free coffee from the underground and left for beth and matt's. we did some work on the bridge matt is building across the creek (beth and i painted while matt was sawing logs). so far, so good.

of course, any time away from mcdonald's is a major blessing. i mean, i like my coworkers, at least most of them, most of the time, but the job is wearing me down because it feels like i'm the only one working while everyone else is chatting...which is the main reason that i'm thinking of moving on. please be praying for me as i'm dealing with that issue, as well as with my lodgings when the roseburg house sells.

um...oh! kim and i said, i'm at beth and matt's, and i have some stuff i would like to get to you before i go back...give me a call, email, or blog and we'll work it out.

well, i probably should cut this short before it gets too long... 


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