Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Peachy (and peary too)

Since this blog seems a bit sad lately, I thought I'd liven it up. Check out all of these highlighted words...they lead to a world of fun:).

Life in Newberg is consistent and casual...the way I like it...I could handle some fun things to do however. I spend my time working (which I'm loving 'cause I get to force people to listen to Christmas music if I want and I can wear Converse every day..bwah ha ha!) and watching movies (mainly at home, however I did go see The Terminal yesterday and I highly recommend it...God bless Tom Hanks) and reading and I do anything else? Oh yes! I pester Kimmie with record amounts of voice mail and I pester Beth and Matt with my laundry and pineapple eating skills and occassionally I pester Timmy by calling him at 6 in the morning on my way to work and I (this next website is serious...consider yourself warned) pester Danny and Betsy some way, I'm sure, and I pester Mama and Daddy by either not calling often enough or by refusing to earn enough money to pay them back the oodles of money they lend to me:) It's a gift really. Perhaps a calling. Maybe even destiny.

You ask, why? Why is Joann being so silly and boring and even predictable? I'm searching for my inner Mommy Afternoon.

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