Monday, July 26, 2004


I love the background picture!  I don't remember seeing it before, and would love to see it in person....    As for the rest of the design of the Blog, I like it, too, but I think I liked seeing more of it on my screen.  Maybe the font (especially of the titles) could be smaller or tighter?  Anyway, whatever you do with it is okay with me.  I enjoy having this spot to keep in touch with all of my kids.  Thank you for making it available to us, Beth!

I'm on my way out to the garden to help Grandma with the dahlias. It hurts her to see them so neglected.  Grandpa took such good care of things out there, and that's why it was always so pretty for all of us.  Anyway, they need to be 'dead-headed' and staked up.  We want to get out there for awhile before it gets too hot....  Daddy is planning on mowing this morning, too.  Later today we hope to get together with a man that Daddy met from our church.  He works at a bank and is going to help us figure out if there is a way to buy the house in Junction City before our Roseburg house sells.  The J.C. house was just reduced in price, so it might be easier for us to get it, but it would be easier for others, too. 

Also today we'll be babysitting Isabella for a couple of hours this morning.  She's so cute, and is a good baby.  So Grandma and I look forward to the opportunity of holding her, etc.

Love to all of you,  Mama

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