Monday, July 12, 2004

My two cents

Plans for Friday sound good to me. I think we can make the 10 AM time unless we have to wait for Timmy and Heather. Hopefully they'll be here Thursday night and ready to go with us Friday AM.

Thanks, Kim for doing the thinking and assignments. We will comply! :)
I may also come up with some additions. One thing to think about is fuel, matches, etc. for roasting hot dogs. I'll add that to our list unless Beth and Matt already have that covered since they'll be camping there.

It would be nice to know the exact place of our meeting. Does anyone know?

As for pizza, that sounds good to me, too. We can go 'Dutch' unless someone is needing a help with the finances for that.

Daddy gets home tomorrow. I'll be so glad to have him back! We've been talking every day, but it's just not the same!

We're both looking forward to our day with all of you. We're also looking forward to having Danny and Betsy here on Wednesday until Saturday.

See you all soon. Lots of Love!! Mama

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