Monday, July 12, 2004

Weeeeneeeee Roast

I vote for a weeeeneee roast for lunch and pizza for dinner as Beth suggested. We are good with the 10 am arrival. We will leave as early as needed, and as Joann has to ride with us, she has no choice but to do the same! hee hee, o bored one!

So, rather than spend the next two days figuring it all out, here is my suggestion:
Tim and Heather: bring soda enough for everyone all day and marshmellows
Joann: bring the other smores ingredients and/or cookies
Danny and Betsy: bring hot dogs and buns
Beth and Matt: bring a potato salad (or other salad)and potato chips
Kim and Andy: bring a jello salad and/or pork n beans, and hot dog condiments
Mama and Daddy: bring table cloth, silverware, plates, napkins, cups, hot dog roaster stick thingys, and anything else I forgot to include in our list (like homemade sweet pickles).

Please reply to this blog by Wednesday morning or I will call and hound you. If you do not want to bring what I assigned you, then arrange to trade with someone else!

We, for one, cannot wait to see you all at the beach!
Don't forget to bring frisbees, shovels, and a change of clothes!

Mrs. Shire

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