Sunday, November 14, 2004

For Danny

The Meaning of Chocolate

Joann being kidnapped – you probably feel like it’s been a long time since you saw her, and you just want to see her again. The fact that she was a chocolate cake probably indicates deep down what you really think of her. You think she is too good to be true – she’s so sweet and good to look at that you know she must even taste good. You’ve probably always been jealous of the attention she gets from everyone else, feeling like you probably look like meatloaf next to her yummy gooeyness. (Let me set your mind to rest on this one. Nobody really sees either one of you as something to eat!)

Or it could mean that you have been eating too many sweets, or NOT eating sweets enough so you’re craving them.
Could it be that you miss chocolate and you miss your family?

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