Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Your dad the mole . . .

After school today I came home and crawled around under the house - putting foam insulation on the hot water pipes to save on heat. Wasn't too bad a job, but glad it's over. Then mama had a good meal and now computer time! A friend from church is at work on the bathroom, putting a shower in the main bathroom. He may finish tomorrow. Also tomorrow mama has ladies coming for a craft time - she has no idea how many will show up . . . and then this weekend we have her siblings and families coming for a potluck. I guess it will be the normal group that would come to grandmas in times past - Kathy will be down from Centralia, Anne (don't know if any family will also come), Jeanne and Lisa (Paul works), David and a friend named Lisa (not sure if the boys are with him this weekend), and grandma and Holly/Megan/Caleb - Bruce and Kris will be hunting and may or may not be back. I'm just finishing the first quarter at school and have grades to do - extra work, but get an extra day off to do it.

Hope all is well for you all - keep it touch as you can. God bless,

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