Monday, November 22, 2004

Some possibilities...

Howdy y'all!

The new job at Best Buy goes well. Presently, I don't see myself getting full time hours. I am scheduled for only 13 hours next week, so it seems I am right in staying active in the search for full time work. Gotta love it.

I am listing a few possibilities for your Christmas shopping. I only like to make a list all in one sitting, so I have waited until I had the time to do so. Here it be...

--The Star Wars trilogy on DVD (Widescreen format specifically)
--the book Oregon Place Names & Their Meaning (or something to that effect :)
--any Simpsons season on DVD from season TWO onward
--classic Nintendo games like: The Legend of Zelda or Metroid or Super Mario Bros. 3
--We could really use some spending cash for while we're in Chicago.
--I still like old historical books, especially local histories.
--a decent set of screwdrivers
--any clothing w/ Oregon Ducks logo(s) on it
--The Ewok Adventures on DVD (coming soon)
--maybe even some kind of interesting documentary-type DVDs
--Best Buy/Target gift cards are cool too.

I reckon that's all folks. Can't think of anything else. I leave you with a Christmas "poeddle."

Tis the season
No. Not spring
We talkin' summer?
No we're not!
Fall, is it?
Well, it is...

...the wrong season.
Is it winter?
No, not at all.
I've guessed all four!
There is one more.
Whatever do you mean?

Please, pass the salt.

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