Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful family!

As I sit here in our apartment, drying off from my swim and getting ready to go to our friends for Thanksgiving dinner, I can't help but think of you guys and what will be going on there in 12 hours:

Piling into the cars and driving to Castle Rock
Arriving before the rest of the family and getting the first helpings of the finger foods
Greeting other family members
Sampling different Sparkling drinks!
Separating to eat at the kids table (or adults table)
Putting olives on your fingers
Stealing the olive dish from the adults
Maybe putting some licorice in the olives??
Becoming impatient waiting for dessert
Playing frisbee
Talking til late
Resting in the hot tub
Opening Christmas presents!
Playing ActiVision

I will miss them all!

Oh, can't forget the pebbernauders (I know I spelled that wrong) bouncing them off the ceiling before catching them in your mouthes!

Have a great Thanksgiving! Right now I am thankful for all the Thanksgiving memories!

Oh, I thought of another thing that I want for Christmas: Pebbernauders!!!! Lots of them!

Love you much, pass the love around for me!

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