Wednesday, November 10, 2004


While the valleys have been socked in with fog, it has been gloriously bright and sunny here at my mountain home. Not that I don't like the fog, I just couldn't imagine a better time for that crisp & cold, bright weather than this, my favorite month. The grass has crunched beneath my feet each morning on my trek to the barn, a white, frosty sound under my rubber farm boots. And the colors in the afternoons have been magnificent bright azure in the sky, emerald grass dotted with pumpkin, ruby, and topaz leaves.

But I have been too busy to enjoy the season other than brief glimpses out the window. For I have been creating crafty things to sell last weekend and this at local craft bazaars. Things such as vintage quilt block pillows and button ornaments and reproduction samplers. After this weekend, I will be glad for it to be all done and on to the next thing!

Starting Monday, I will be filling a temporary part time position while a staff member at PRC is off on a month long leave of absence. This has the potential to turn into a permanent part time position in the future.

Joann, I had a hard time reading "Pulling Teeth", demonstrating your ability to write descriptively. But honestly, after having gone through the experience like five times myself, I really didn't need to be reminded! "Grandma Borovec", it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me wonder at your sanity, writing something so macabre. But then I remembered your obsession with road kill (speaking of which, check out this photo. Beware, it is not for the faint of heart! Look closely, and you will see why). Ah, but reading "Burnt Toast" restored me to a positive state of mind, a place I would like to stay, thank you very much!

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