Monday, November 15, 2004

What Heaven Might Look Like

Here is what I wrote...

When I think of Heaven, a picture instantly comes to mind. It is a painting I must have seen as a child, of a golden path winding through a lush, English cottage-style flower garden. On the path is Jesus dressed in a white robe walking hand-in-hand with a little girl also wearing white. I imagine the air smells sweet and tropical, and the temperature is perfectly right so that I will be neither hot nor cold. I know that all believers will be there, but I have always imagined that we would all look similar- ethereal souls radiating light, I guess. And all of us loving and caring for each other, but without individuality- a little like the Borg that Chris mentioned last week, except without metal body parts. I know that Heaven will be light- a pure, radiant light emanating from God Himself. I know that there will be much worship and rejoicing around the feet of God, and that I’m supposed to have a mansion there, but I have a hard time imagining what either will be like. I have always hoped that my mansion would be in the middle of a huge forest, with trees like you see in the old logging photos, as big as houses, or maybe that my mansion will be IN one of those huge trees. But the part that I have thought about the most is the singing. I imagine we will all have beautiful voices, and will sing sixteen part harmony choruses for at least the first thousand years, spontaneously composing worship songs to God.

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