Thursday, November 04, 2004

Time Changing

Yes, we are now 16 hours ahead of you, no worries about daylight savings here! And we tend to be out a lot, so when you call we aren't here. . . This Saturday one or both of us will be out of the house all day, but at this point I think we will be around Sunday afternoon/evening. Probably an early morning call (6am your time) would work on Friday, or maybe the same time Saturday, though I'm not sure how late we will be out on Saturday evening. If you called Sunday at 3pm that would be good as I would be up getting ready for school. In any case, if you send an email letting us know when you plan to call we can let you know if we'll be here, and we can try to make sure we are!

Love you lots and look forward to talking to you!

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