Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wednesday evening in Junction City

Jeff and grandma came and went - we got lots done and are ready for the heating guy to start next week. He may finish by Friday, or could go into the next week, then a bit of a wait for the inspection and turning on the natural gas. Grandma had a nasty red scar covering the upper left quarter of her face - doctor said it's shingles and gave her some medication. Shingles can hang on for several weeks - we're praying hers will be gone much quicker, especially before Thanksgiving.

More than most elections, this one had lots of good results (from my perspective). I'm thankful for that, but not so much so for the cold I seem to have picked up - I came home a bit early to rest and found the power off in our area due to a tree falling over a power line. So I bundled up in blankets and still shivered! Must be a bit of fever with this one. Hopefully I'll be OK for school tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you all - Danny/Betsy: we are attempting to find the right time to call - our last few efforts found you away from home. Are you now 16 hours ahead of us since we went back to standard time?

God bless!

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