Sunday, November 14, 2004

Heaven, Chocolate Joannies, and video downloads

Beth - I've been trying to come up with a vision of heaven . . . I think that is a bit like trying to envision this life while still in the womb - so far beyond the present experience to make it beyond our current means of expression. I guess I expect it to be a very full place - full of experiences of all good kinds, definitely not sitting around on clouds doing nothing. Though I expect it to be lacking tears, sorrow, and sin, I expect a full existence of emotion and fulfillment with lots of worship with Jesus.

As to the meaning of the giant chocolate Joann . . . I interprete it this way (my first fling at being a 'Joseph' or a 'Daniel' and interprete dreams) - - - - you are now far away physically from your dear beloved and only 'baby' sister who you have loved much more so than you have realized. She has been 'kidnapped', taken from you by your new location. But God wants you to know that though you are separated at present, when the time comes for a reunion, it will be a tremendous and sweet time, illustrated by the delicious chocolate cake - a time so great that all thought of the past separation will be totally overshadowed by the joy of reunion. (an alternate interpretation has Joann changing from a rain/snow/ice/fog woman to a sun worshipper who follows Odd's example and becomes brown like a chocolate cake, but I thought that idea a bit of a stretch).

Danny - thanks for the Christmas list. I'm not sure what to think of the video hookup idea. I'm sure it is possible, but not sure I'm techy enough to make it happen. Once we get some of the house updates done, and we've had a chance to reevaluate our financial situation, perhaps I'll pick some techy brains locally and see if it's a doable thing.

We had 17 family members here yesterday - worked out well and was a good visit. After 12 for dinner, Dave came late (from the Duck's game, a loss to UCLA) with a lady friend named Lisa (his insurance agent!) plus Tate and Bryce, followed later by Rachelle. It was good to visit. Dave's friend Lisa seemed nice and could be someone who will work out for him, or not. Time will tell. If it's still a going thing by the end of the year, then perhaps it will stick. Mama and I are both feeling that it is too early to make any predictions or establish any hopes or fears. Wouldn't hurt to pray for them, though - Lisa has a 16 year old daughter who is going through some struggles with mom's 'conservative' expectations of her - daughter (Aubrey) thinks she should have much freedom, mom thinks doing well in school is more important than 24/7 social life daughter wants to have. Lisa seems to be handling the situation well, daughter is in a place of having to make some serious choices . . .

Another full week ahead - hope to have heating system up and working, attic insulated, bathroom shower finished, and help Paul and Jeanne move to their new mobile home they purchased. Hope your week goes well also! God bless!!! Lots!!!!

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