Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Seattle, here we come!

(Nice Dogwood picture, Beth!!)

Tomorrow morning Daddy and I leave for the Mariner game! Actually we take his class to OMSI tomorrow, spend that night in Seattle (we'll be at Cowdens, so I can sleep in a bed instead of on a gym floor!). Friday morning we tour Safeco Field, then we go to the Seattle Center and then to the game that night. After the game we're spending the night at Grandma Borovec's. Home again Saturday evening.

Daddy got a block of 152 tickets for the game. We have such people as David, Jacki, Heather, etc., Jeff, Dave, Tate, Tom and Bonnie, the Cowdens, Kaplans, Morrises, Danny and Betsy, the Alexanders, UVC people and lots from our church here, and maybe Kathy. It should be a fun time!

I went to a chiropractor this morning. My shoulder and neck have been hurting a lot. I don't feel much better yet. 'Hope it doesn't give me fits while we're on our trip.

'Hope you all have a good week-end! Love you!!

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