Monday, May 31, 2004

In Rememberance

Today is Memorial Day ... the long week-end at the end of May when a multitude of folks head for campgrounds, have barbecues, etc. We, on the other hand, spent today working in the yard and I took my Mama to the cemetery to place flowers on Grandpa's grave.

Odd, that the 'holiday' is so different to different people.
Strange, that so many view it as a wonderful opportunity to relax and party while others are still consumed with grief over the loss of a loved one.

And yet, life does go on, and there are reasons to celebrate a day like today. I know that I will have my times of enjoying a barbecue or even a campout (maybe?) on Memorial Day. But today it was a somber occasion.

And there were hundreds of bouquets already on graves at the cemetery and dozens of people there when we were, paying respects to a loved one. It looked so festive... but there was a sadness in the beauty of the flowers.

Yes, it was a hard day especially for Grandma. She has been alone -- without her other half -- for over 3 months, and the pain hasn't subsided yet. Will it ever? I can only imagine how it must feel for her. Her world has caved in. If it weren't for her kids and grandkids, she would have nothing to live for anymore. And the prospect of selling the home she has shared with her man (if only for 8 years) is overwhelming to her. I don't know how soon anything in that vein will be possible. We don't want to rush her, but....

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