Tuesday, May 25, 2004

World Traveller - in Norway

Just thought I'd let you all know that I was looking at Joann's schedule and figured that if planes were on time, etc. she left Switzerland at about 1:40 AM (our time today, May 25) and arrived in London at about 2:25 AM. She's due to leave London in a little over an hour- 9:25 AM and will arrive in Norway just after noon (12:20 PM). Of course they are 9 hours ahead of us, so by the time Odd gets her from the airport, it will be time for them to get to wherever they are staying for the night. So tonight while we're all sleeping, she'll probably be 'romping' in the snow! Don't you all wish you were there, too?!!
She'll be there until about 10:30 PM on Thursday (that will be about 1:30 PM our time), and then head back to London to meet up with the girl who is staying there while she travels to Norway. I have her schedule for the rest of the trip if any of you want to know what it is. Pray that she will make the connections that she needs to.
Hopefully we'll all be hearing from her again sometime soon, too.

Love you all! See you next week!

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