Friday, May 14, 2004

Ciao Bella!

Hello family...I see plans for Kimmie's wedding are keeping you busy enough. I am still in San Vincenzo staying at Riva degli Etruschi - yesterday we went to Florence (which isn't as quaint as I thought it would be). It wasn't as rainy as the previous day (I actually got sunburnt on Tuesday). I saw a dead pigeon in Florence and almost took a picture:). Tomorrow we head out to Venice where I intend to spend about 20 dollars to go on a Gondola ride where the man sings to you and the ride is about an hour - expensive I know, but when else will I be in Venice?

I miss you all and wish you were here to experience this with me, but I'll see you all in a little under three weeks. MMMmmmwwwwaahh!

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