Friday, May 21, 2004

Twirling and Zodeling...

Oh familz i love swityerland...i think we should all move here permanentlz:).

Mama: I can't wait to see zou again, but I'm loving it here. Two dazs ago I went to the Jungfrau (the top of Europe - part of the Alps) and had fun in the Ice Palace (a hollowed out glacier), unfortunatelz I was wearing mz red twirlz skirt which made me twirl in the palace - let's just saz I'm not the most graceful princess in the palace and I nearlz passed out because I sprained or jammed mz right elbow so hard. It has almost healed now - never fear - I can't quite straighten it zet, but I can finallz reach mz face with mz right arm now:)

Daddz, Dannz, and Andz: I know zou will all be jealous that I have been plazing (until the fall at the top of Europe) frisbee in the Alps. I also watched some Swiss people plazing reallz big chess in Lugana Swityerland.

Kimmie: The swatches and Swiss szmbols make me think of zou...I'll zodel to goats tonight for zou and work on the goat cheese and milk.

Bethz and Matt: Mz flight gets in at 9:17pm on June 3rd - I'm flzing Delta. I'll look for mz flight number later.

Timmz: Zou're cute.

I'm off to Meirringin to get hot chocolate with the gang.

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